HENRI II DE BOURBON-CONDÉ [Saint-Jean-d'Angély,... - Lot 95 - Varenne Enchères

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HENRI II DE BOURBON-CONDÉ [Saint-Jean-d'Angély,... - Lot 95 - Varenne Enchères
HENRI II DE BOURBON-CONDÉ [Saint-Jean-d'Angély, 1588 - Paris, 1646], governor of Burgundy, governor of Berry (1612-1615), duke of Montmorency, duke of Albret, duke of Enghien, and of Bellegarde, first prince of the blood, count of Sancerre (1640-1646), peer of France, grand veneur and grand louvetier of France. Set of 9 autograph letters signed "Henry de Bourbon" addressed to M. de Chavigny, conseiller du Roy. June 1641 - July 1642; 9 pages in-4 or in-folio, with addresses, red wax seals with arms. Interesting correspondence where he speaks about Louis XIII, Richelieu, the death of Marie de Médicis, the military operations, and his son the Great Condé. - Narbonne, June 2, 1641; 1 page in-4°, address and wax seal on the back. About his son (the Grand Condé) "In honor of God lead him to speak to him and advise him so that he agrees and obeys Mr. Cardinal [...] I see from this step to make enter the army in Roussillon". - Prévenas, July 14, 1641; 1 page in-4°, with address and wax seal on the back. He relies on Richelieu for the vacancy of offices or benefits in his favor or for his children. He gives contradictory news on the siege of Tarragona; "the arrival of Mr. Mareschal de Brese is very desired without it and without a viceroy all will be lost in Catallongne". - Narbonne, October 5, 1641; 1 page in-4°. "The enemy only thinks of coming to Roussillon at the same time by sea and by land, beginning by besieging Palamos and Cap de Cais which will be easy for him to take since our naval army takes so long to come. He criticizes the race in Aragon which tires the army. - Paris, February 17, 1642; 1 page folio. "I beg you to continue your friendship and your good services, knowing that Mr de Chombert (the marshal of Schomberg) and his friends will not fail to make me bad with the King but having the support of Mr the Cardinal and this consolation that my enemies are his ". - Valery, April 23, 1642, 1 page in-4°, with address and wax seal on back. "my son must obey Mr. the Cardinal in everything as to his father or as to his master". - Paris, June 16, 1642; 1 page in-folio, with address and wax seals on the back. On the dispute between the count of Harcourt and the marshal de Guiche to command the army. - Paris, July 7, 1642; 1 1/2 page in-4°, address and wax seal on back. He is pleased with the interview of the King and Richelieu "my fidelity towards the King and Mr. Cardinal will be eternal". - Paris, July 15, 1642; 1/2 page folio. On the news of the death of Marie de Medicis. - Paris, March 28; 1 page in-4°, with address and wax seal on the back. "jestime laffaire importante et prompte instruction de vous de ce que le Roy et Mr. Cardinal ordonneront et ce que Mr. Chancelier Mr. votre pere et moi avons a faire et si nous .concluerons cette affaire et si pour recevoir ses gens en France nous en donner les ordres a Mrs. le comte de Harcourt et de Marechal de Guiche ".
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