FLAUBERT Gustave [Rouen, 1821 - Croisset,... - Lot 78 - Varenne Enchères

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FLAUBERT Gustave [Rouen, 1821 - Croisset,... - Lot 78 - Varenne Enchères
FLAUBERT Gustave [Rouen, 1821 - Croisset, 1880], French writer. Set of 1 autograph piece. 1 page in-4. Black wax stamps on the back. - Autograph piece. "Opened and gone through the night of March 20 to 21, 1846, where I reread the letters from Marseille with a singular expression of regret. Poor woman, did she really love me? All my past tenderness comes back to my mouth like undigested food rotting in my stomach. Quarter to two". This set shows the very short relationship between the young Flaubert and a woman, Eulalie Foucault, in her thirties and probably married, during his trip to Marseille in 1840. For him it was a passing distraction which nevertheless inspired him for his books and for her, infatuated, she was very saddened by this inevitable separation. However he never forgot her. 4 letters from Eulalie Foucault, addressed to Gustave Flaubert. From January 16 to August 6, 1841. 3 letters of 3 pages in-8° and 1 letter 3 pages in-4. In her letters to Flaubert, Eulalie shows all her dismay : " Gustave, why was it given to us to love you, to know the one share the other the happiness of the sky since we had to leave us so soon and especially since you had to forget me so quickly ".
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