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FABRE D'ÉGLANTINE (Philippe-François-Nazaire... - Lot 77 - Varenne Enchères
FABRE D'ÉGLANTINE (Philippe-François-Nazaire Fabre, dit) [Limoux, 1755 - Paris, 1794], comedian, poet writer, Conventional. Autograph minute signed twice with his initials. 11 pluviose year II [January 30, 1794]; 5 pages folio. Important document by which Fabre d'Eglantine exposes his defense before the Committee of Public Safety. This poet, author of the song "Il pleut bergère" and creator of the republican calendar, who owes his name to the Floral Games where he won the prize of the eglantine, became Danton's secretary and during the luettes between Danton and Robespierre he was indicted and died on the scaffold the same day as Robespierre, on April 5, 1794. He had previously had to defend himself before the Committee of Public Safety, and if we are to believe this memoir, he was a victim of the newspapers that had made him say what he had not said. Let us quote in this interesting memory the passage concerning the fourth fact: "General Ronsin had written a private letter to citizen Vincent. The citizen Vincent transformed this letter into a placard... this placard posted with profusion under the title of the society of the Cordeliers carried in substance and in express terms, that the population of Lyon was 120 thousand souls, that there were not in all that not even 15 hundred patriots but 1500 people that one could save and that before the end of the month the Rhone would roll the bloody bodies of all the guilty ones. I thus quoted against Vincent in the gallery this frightening placard, posted as coming from a constiututed authority... " Vincent and Ronsin (hebertists) were executed on March 24, 1794, 15 days before the execution of their accuser.
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