Revolver Colt Navy

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Revolver Colt Navy
PRESENT THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN GIVEN FROM SAMUEL COLT according a letter (vers 1895)  HISTORICAL MEMORY Expert: Mr Jean-Claude DEY Expert in Ancient Weapons and Historical Memorabilia at the Court of Appeal of Versailles - Advice on Public Sales 8 bis Schlumberger Street, 92430 MARNES-LA-COQUETTE Phone: - Fax: Email: Website : Colt Navy revolver model 1851, six shots, calibre 36. Barrel with sides marked "ADDRESS COL. SAML COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA ", decorated on each side with two silver hammers applied in relief. Brass trigger guard. Ivory stock plates carved with a helmet rider's head in high relief. Blued finish. In its original mahogany case lined with burgundy velvet inside, with accessories : US Eagle powder flask, bullet mould, primer box, screwdriver, chimney disassembler. This present is accompanied by an old handwritten certificate (circa 1895) stamped with an ink stamp of a gendarmerie commander: "This Navy revolver was given by Samuel Colt to General Jackson, General Lee's right-hand man. It was then given to my great uncle Colonel Solier by the son of the General as a thank you for his lodging and friendship in the year 1870. » With name: "Mr Benjamin Solier Sapeur du Génie in Oran. » The original ticket will be returned to the purchaser. n°128339 (1862) Background: General Alexandre Alfred SOLIER (1840-1909) Second lieutenant in 1861. Lieutenant in 1863. Captain in 1870. Squadron leader on 1 6/1/1881. Attached to the 23rd artillery regiment, he served as chief of staff of the 17th corps artillery. Lieutenant Colonel in 1888. Colonel on 10/7/1892, he took charge of the artillery in Toulouse, then commanded the 24th artillery regiment between 1895 and 1897. Brigadier General on 16/4/1898, he commanded the 16th
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